I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes

I talked yesterday about Goldie Hill.  Perry Como had a pop hit with “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes,” which was written by Slim Willet.  At the time the song was popular in the early 1950’s, answer songs were a big thing.  Slim Willet and Goldie Hill’s brother Tommy Hill co-wrote the answer song to “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes,” titled “I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes.”  Goldie recorded it.

She sang it at a Country Reunion show many moons later.  I love her interaction with a young Craig Morgan.

I also enjoyed the huge hit Skeets McDonald had with the original “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes.”

It was produced by Ken Nelson, who is my favorite producer ever, but if I had to tell you my favorite version of this song, Jones’s is better.

But back to Craig Morgan.  I met Craig in 1999 at a Country Radio Seminar, before he had any hits–or failures at radio.  He was such a personable guy, and I liked him instantly.  Although some of his later music wouldn’t thrill me, my household enjoyed multiple copies of his first CD.  This particular song was my favorite:

That perfect representation of country music was written by Bill Anderson.  Bill was writing great songs back in those days.  Was there a time when Bill wasn’t writing great songs?  How about Connie Smith’s first hit, “Once a Day”, from the 1960’s?

And “The Corner of My Life” from the 1970’s?

That is my favorite Bill Anderson song.  The steel is gorgeous when it’s done live.

And as I said, Bill is still writing great songs.  While you won’t hear me rave much about Kenny Chesney’s recent work, Bill (and Dean Dillon) gave him a stunning song with “A Lot of Things Different.”

Stars?  Bill Anderson is definitely one, don’t you think?


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