Falling Leaves

My preschooler was playing with her Calico Critters this morning and in the process said something about falling leaves.  If you know me at all, you know I pulled out my phone and played this gem, my favorite Grandpa Jones song:

How many people recorded “Falling Leaves”?  Porter Wagoner did, as “Fallen Leaves.”

It’s a good version–but not as good as Grandpa’s.  Grandpa Jones wrote it.  I do love a video on YouTube of Jack Greene singing it, as it has so many of our country legends that have since passed on.  I can’t embed it by the uploader’s request, so you’ll have to search for it.  But you can watch this lovely interview by Grandpa Jones’ wife, Ramona.

Speaking of leaves, Ms. Ramona mentioned Grandpa’s love of “Tying the Leaves.”  It’s a beautifully sad song.  Check out Wilma Lee Cooper’s version.

It is, like Wilma Lee’s music in general, very rootsy, perfectly fitting for the song’s lyrics.  But I might actually prefer Kenny Roberts’ version, recorded on the Starday label and produced by Tommy Hill.

You see from that song why Kenny Roberts sometimes recorded the same songs as Slim Whitman, right?  And do you know who Tommy Hill is?  If not, you at least should know his sister.

Wasn’t she a beauty?  I saw her once at the Golden Voice Awards and was so in awe of her class and the way she carried herself.  I was thrilled to see her, but I won’t lie that I hung around hoping to see her husband, Carl Smith.  I would like to point out, though, that she had a career before she married Carl.  I hate to see “Wife of Carl Smith” emblazoned across the Country Reunion videos because she was so much more, even if she was proudest of her role as wife and mother.

You thought from my previous posts that I primarily listened to 1980’s country?  Oh, dear goodness, no, although 1980’s country is my favorite because it’s what I grew up on.  But I might bust out some Jimmie Rodgers and Carter Family for you soon.  Come again and see.


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