“Tip Your Hat to the Teachers”

Greg Allman passed away a few days ago, immediately reminding me of some musical history in the Southern rock genre.  Almost immediately, I recalled this song:

Did you catch the reference of Dickey Betts in the middle?  This isn’t the only country-related song tipping its hat to Dickey Betts, is it?

“Artists” like to pay spoken lip service to the forefathers who built genres, even if their music couldn’t be any further from what the forefathers built.  A few years ago, Brad Paisley turned some thoughts about the genre and a few classic country song titles into a hit song that actually made it on radio.


This song was one of Paisley’s last good songs in my humble but educated opinion.  It reminds me of how much I love country music.  Almost as much as this song, not really country or even a well-written song, does.

Hank Williams . . . goes without saying.  Exactly.


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